Sandra Bernhard 2 disc DVD Set :   ( $15 )

This 2 disc DVD set contains retro Sandra
appearances on : Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno,
Letterman, Dr. Ruth's Sex Show and other talk
shows. The DVD set also contains Sandra's late
night special from the 90's.  

Sexy Ladies Video Collecion :  ( $8)

This DVD contains music videos by : Mary
Jane Girls, Vanity, Vanity 6, Apollonia &
Apollonia 6. The quality of the videos are
Excellent, because they were recorded from
digital tv. They are also Full and Unedited.  
The DVD contains :



In My House

Nasty Girl

He's So Dull

Drive Me Wild ( extended version )

Under the Influence

7th Heaven

Pretty Mess

Sex Shooter

Since I Fell For You