Live In Texas   $8

This DVD contains a concert Tiffany performed at the Fame
City Mall in Houston, Texas. It was filmed on December 31,
1987  by an audience member. The camera work is shaky at
times & the person gets ok close ups for the first 15
minutes. Then they get closer to the stage & great close ups
for the rest of the show. The concert is 30 minutes long. The
video quality is pretty good, considering its age.

This DVD also contains an interview Tiffany did on a morning
television show on March 21, 1989. Tiff talks about the
emancipation from her mother & more. The interview is
great quality & 9 minutes long.

As a bonus, this DVD also contains some Debbie Gibson
footage. There are remix videos for : "Shake Your Love",
"Out of the Blue" & "Staying Together". It also contains
Debbie singing the National Anthem at the World Series in
September of 1988.

Concert Set List

1. I Saw Him Standing There
2. Could've Been
3. Can't Stop A Heartbeat
4. Promises Made
5. Should've Been Me
6. I Think We're Alone Now
Tiffany Video Collection :  ( $8 )

This 2 disc set contains many retro performances from early in
Tiffany's career. The videos were taken from
online videos, so there is pixelation in the picture. Some clips are
better quality than others, but it's a good DVD overall. The DVD also
includes a menu.

Here are some samples from the DVDs -

1. I Think We're Alone Now live on The Tonight Show

2. I Think We're Alone Now & Could've Been live on Veronica

3. I Think We're Alone Now live on Solid Gold #1

4. I Think We're Alone Now live on Solid Gold #2

5. I Think We're Alone Now live on Top of the Pops

6. I Think We're Alone Now live on US Top of the Pops

7. I Think We're Alone Now live on Japan TV

8. I Think We're Alone Now live on Popformule ( small clip )

9. 1987 Mall interview news clip ( with clips of Tiffany performing
Danny, I Think We're Alone Now & Johnn's Got The Inside Moves )

10. Solid Gold commercial

11. 1987 New Years Eve News Clip

12. SKY interview

13. Could've Been live on Top of the Pops

14. Could've Been live on Countdown

15. Could've Been live on Japan TV w/ small interview  

16. I Saw Him Standing There live on Dutch TV

17. All This Time live on Japan TV

18. All This Time live on Norwegian TV ( missing a little of the
beginning & end )

19. Radio Romance live on Top of the Pops

20. Radio Romance & I Honestly Love You live on Des O'Connor

21. Radio Romance live on Arsenio Hall

22. Radio Romance live on Sky TV

23. Radio Romance Eurotops video

24. 1-900 commercial

25. 2 Yamaha commercials

26. Meiji commercial

27. Crooks & Chase 1989 interview

28. New Inside & Here In My Heart live on Sopot

29. 1990 Chile TV Concert - Interview, I Think We're Alone Now, New
Inside, Could've Been, It's You & Tenderly
Tiffany live in Japan - 1988 :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains Tiffany's live concert in Tokyo, Japan. The concert was
professionally filmed in October of 1988. The footage
is very good quality. The picture is a bit jumpy do to its age, but it is still
quite good. The concert is about 44 minutes long & Tiff puts
on a great show. The DVD also contains a menu.

1. Pre-Show - Tiffany gives a small interview & there are 2 Tiffany

2. No Rules
3. Spanish Eyes
4. Johnny's Got The Inside Moves
5. Hold An Old Friend's Hand
6. Could've Been
7. Oldies Medley
8. All This Time
9. Walk Away
10. I Think We're Alone Now
11. Radio Romance
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