Natalie Imbruglia Collection - vol 1 : ( $8 )

This DVD contains many appearances that Natalie did
to promote her "Left of the Middle" album. There are also
a few appearances to promote the "White Lilies Island"
album. There are some awesome live performances, a
mini concert and more. The footage is very good quality,
considering its age.

1. Torn music video

2. Natalie on MTV Live ( Interview with Carson Daly
about her recent success and more )

3. Torn live on Saturday Night Live

4. Torn live on David Letterman

5. Natalie watches the Torn music video, and tells about
the making of it

6. VH1's Women First Q & A ( Natalie talks about her
songs, success and more )

7. E! News Live interview ( Natalie talks about her
success )

8. Interview before the 1998 MTV Movie Awards

9. Torn live on the 1998 MTV Movie Awards

10. CNN Showbiz interview ( Natalie talks about her rise
to fame )

11. VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars ( shows clips of
Natalie on "Neighbours" before she was famous )

12. VH1 Hard Rock Live concert special ( Aired in
September 1998.  Natalie performs Torn, Wishing I Was
There, One More Addiction & Big Mistake. There's also a
couple interview clips throughout )

13. Total Request Live interview ( Natalie talks to
Carson Daly about her new Wishing I Was There music
video )

14. Left of the Middle live on Total Request Live (
missing the first few seconds )

15. Wishing I Was There music video ( SAY WHAT?
version, with lyrics floating at the bottom of the screen.  
Missing the first few seconds )

16. Natalie winning Best New Artist at the 1998 MTV
Video Music Awards

17. Natalie presenting International Viewers Choice
award with Sarah McLachlan  at the 1998 MTV Video
Music Awards

18. Wishing I Was There music video

19. MTV's FANATIC ( Natalie meets a big fan of hers )

20. MTV Spankin' New Music Special interview ( Natalie
gives a brief interview about making music videos )

21. Smoke music video

22. Torn live on awards show

23. Smoke live on the Rosie O'Donnel Show

24. Interview on the Rosie O'Donnel Show

25. E! New Live talks about Natalie's 3 Grammy

26. E! interview before the 1999 Grammy Awards

27. Wrong Impression live on the Rosie O'Donnel Show

28. Interview on the Rosie O'Donnel Show

29. Wrong Impression live on Regis & Kelly

30. Interview on Regis & Kelly

Natalie Imbruglia Collection - vol 2  :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains some awesome Natalie
appearances and a concert. The quality is Very
good and it's a great DVD to have if you're a fan.  
This DVD contains :

Natalie Live in Madrid :

1. Wrong Impression

2. Do You Love

3. Beauty on the Fire

4. That Day

5. Torn

6. Everything Goes

7. Goodbye

8. Sunlight

9. Big Mistake

UK TV : "Beauty on the Fire" live & interview

London outdoor concert  :  "Wrong Impression"
and "Torn" live

Interview and "Beauty on the Fire" live on TV

Then & Now :   "Torn" music video w/ Natalie
talking about it  &  "Wrong Impression" as well
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