Body Language Collection :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains a large collection of apperances from
Kylie, during the "Body Language" era.. The DVD contains 27
live performances, which are all in Excellent quality. It also
contains interactive menus.

Confide in Me (Dance Machine France)

I Believe in You (Hit Machine)

Slow (CD Live)

Can't get you out of my Head (Star Academy)

I Believe in You (Nordic Music awards)

Can't get you out of my Head (Vivement)

I Believe in You (Star Academy)

In Your Eyes (Saturday Show)

Love at first Sight (Carson Daly)

Slow (Star a domicile)

Your Disco Needs You (Top of the Pops)

Slow (Che il calcio)

Step Back in Time (Children in need)

I Believe in You (Top of the Pops Saturday)

I Believe in You (Top of the Pops)

Better the devil You Know (Top of the Pops Saturday)

Spinning Around (Ant & decs takeaway)

I Believe in You (Smash hits awards)

Can't Get you out of my Head (Smash hits awards)

I Believe in You (Record of the year)

Spinning Around (Today with Des & Mel)

Step Back in Time (CD UK)

I Believe in You (Today with Des & Mel)

Minogue Medley (Top of the Pops Christmas)

Spinning Around (Children in Need)

Twist my Arm ( live duet from the 80's with her sister, Danni )

I Believe in You (Wettendass)
:  ( $8 )

This DVD contains a collection of Kylie's appearances on Top of
The Pops from 1988 to 1992. It's a real treat for any fan of Kylie's
early career. The footage is good quality, considering its age.

I Should Be So Lucky (Car version music video)
The Locomotion
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
Especially For You ( w/ Jason Donovan )
Hand On Your Heart
Wouldn't Change A Thing
Never Too Late
Better The Devil You Know ( version 1 )
Step Back In Time
Better The Devil You Know ( version 2 )
Word Is Out
Give Me Just A Little More Time ( w/ live vocals )
Finer Feelings ( w/ live vocals )
What Kind Of Fool
For You For Me Tour live in New York :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains Kylie's "For You, For Me Tour" live in New
York City, New York. It was Kylie's 1st tour in the United
States. It was filmed by an audience member on October 11,
The camera work is a bit shaky at times, but it's an
awesome recording other than that.
The close ups are
& you can see the stage production very well. The
audio is EXCELLENT, as is the video quality.
Kylie puts on a
spectacular show & really rewards us U.S. fans for our
patience. The show is in full & the DVD contains a menu.

Please visit this link to view DVD screen caps :       

Set List

Light Years


Come into My World

In Your Eyes

Everything Taboo Medley:

1. Shocked ( contains excerpts from: "Do You Dare?", "It's No
Secret", "Give Me Just a Little More Time", "Keep on Pumpin'
It" and "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)" )

2. What Do I Have to Do? ( contains excerpts from "I'm Over
Dreaming (Over You)" )

3. Spinning Around (contains excerpts from and elements of
"Finally", "Fascinated", "The Real Slim Shady", "Buffalo
Gals", "Ride on Time" and "Such a Good Feeling" )

Better than Today ( New song from "Aphrodite" )

Like a Drug

Can't Get You Out of My Head ( contains elements of "Blue
Monday" along with excerpts from "Boombox" )


2 Hearts

Red Blooded Woman ( contains excerpts from "Where the
Wild Roses Grow" )

Heart Beat Rock ( contains elements of "Nu-di-ty" & "Slow",
along with excerpts from "Mickey" ) ( Dance Interlude )


White Diamond Theme ( contains excerpts from various
films including: "The Wizard of Oz", "Casablanca", "A
Streetcar Named Desire", Sunset Boulevard, "All About Eve",
"Beyond the Forest" and "Mommie Dearest", as well as
quotes from Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn
and Jayne Mansfield) (Video Interlude )

White Diamond ( Ballad version )

Confide in Me

I Believe in You ( Ballad version )

Burning Up ( contains excerpts from "Vogue" )

The Loco-Motion


In My Arms


1. Better the Devil You Know ( contains elements of "So Now
Goodbye" )
2. The One
3. Love at First Sight
Aphrodite Promos Collection

Aphrodite Collection - vol 1  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains many promos Kylie made to promote
the "Aphrodite" album. The footage is Excellent
quality and nearly 2 hours long.

All The Lovers music video

Get Outta My Way music video

Better Than Today music video

Higher music video

Making The Video - Get Outta My Way

All The Lovers - 2010 Wind Music Awards

All The Lovers - Germany's Next Top Model

All The Lovers & Can't Get You Out Of My Head - 2010
M6 Awards

All The Lovers & Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Le
Grand Journal

All The Lovers & Get Outta My Way - Miss Italia 2010

All The Lovers & Love At First Sight - Jonathan Ross

All The Lovers & Get Outta My Way - Alan Carr Chatty

All The Lovers & Get Outta My Way - HEY HEY It's

All The Lovers - Dancing With The Stars

All The Lovers - This Is JLS

Decadas - Can't Get You Out Of My Head , All The Lovers
& Get Outta My Way

Get Outta My Way - America's Got Talent

Aphrodite Collection - vol 2  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains more promos Kylie made to promote
the "Aphrodite" album. The footage is Excellent
quality and nearly 2 hours long.

EXA Mexico City concert -

Get Outta My Way
Medley - Aphrodite, WOW, In Your Eyes, I Believe In You
& Better The Devil You Know
In My Arms
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
All The Lovers

Get Outta My Way - Schlag Den Raab 2010

Get Outta My Way - Paul O'Grady

Get Outta My Way - Dancing With The Stars

Get Outta My Way - Leno
Starfloor - Higher w/ Taoi Cruz, Get Outta My Way, Can't
Get You Out of My Head & Love At First Sight             

Better Than Today -  XFACTOR

Intro & Better Than Today -  Children In Need

Let It Snow & Santa Baby - Rockefeller Center

Let It Snow -  El Hormiguero

Better Than Today - Royal Variety

Get Outta My Way - Gallashowet Sport 2011

Jools Holland Annual Hootenany - Better Than Today,
Love At First Sight, Try Your Wings & Enjoy Yourself
( sung with other performers. Not Kylie's version of the
song )
Aphrodite World Tour live in Germany : ( $8 )

This DVD contains Kylie's "Aphrodite World Tour" live in
Mannheim, Germany. It was filmed by an audience member on
March 6, 2011. The recording is
Excellent, with amazing
digital quality & audio
. Kylie puts on an amazing show & we
get a great view of the stage & theatrics. The camera work is
steady & we also see the video interludes & splash zone.
There is also some great footage filmed from the monitor.
The DVD contains the
full show, except for "I Believe In You",
"Put Your Hands Up" &
the small segmets where Kylie talks to the audience.
DVD does not contain a menu.

Please view this link to see screencaps -

Set List

The One
Cupid Boy
Spinning Around
Get Outta My Way
What Do I Have To Do?
Everything Is Beautiful
Confide In Me
Can't Get You Outta My Head
In My Arms
Looking For An Angel
There Must Be An Angel
Love At First Sight / Can't Beat The Feeling
If You Don't Love Me
Better The Devil You Know
Your Disco Needs You
On A Night Like This
All The Lovers
Best of Anti Tour  : ( $8 )

2012 "Anti Tour". The DVD is made of videos filmed by
audience members at different dates from the tour.
The videos are Excellent quality. There are also bonus
videos from different dates, of Kylie
performing songs not on the set list. The bonus
videos range from lower quality to excellent.
I also included her professionally filmed
performances at Abbey Road & her 2012 music video
for "Timebomb".

Here are screencaps from the DVD -

Set List :

1. Magnetic Electric
2. Made In Heaven
3. Cherry Bomb
4. B.P.M.
5. Mighty Rivers
6. I'm Over Dreaming Over You
7. Always Find The Time
8. You're The One
9. Tightrope
10. Paper Dolls
11. Stars
12. Drunk
13. Say Hey
14. Too Much
15. Bittersweet Goodbye
16. Disco Down
17. I Don't Need Anyone
18. Got To Be Certain
19. Things Can Only Get Better
20. That's Why They Write Love Songs ( missing a
little of the beginning )
21. Tears On My Pillow
22. Enjoy Yourself

Bonus Performances :

1. Bring It Back/What Kind Of Fool/It's No Secret
2. Do It Again
3. Finer Feelings ( missing a little of the beginning )
4. Give Me Just A Little More Time
5. I Know
6. It's No Secret ( missing some of the beginning )
7. Lovin You/Let's Get To It/Word Is Out
8. One Boy Girl
9. Rainbow Connection
10. Step Back In Time ( missing some of the
beginning )
11. Tell Tale Signs
12. Word Is Out

Bonus :

1. Finer Feelings live at Abbey Road

2. On A Night Like This live at Abbey Road

3. Timebomb music video video
A Kylie Christmas
Live From The Royal Albert Hall  :  ( $8 )

This dvd contains Kylie's televised Christmas
concert live from The Royal Albert Hall. The
dvd is excellent quality & Kylie puts on an
amazing show.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Christmas Wrapping
Every Day's Like Christmas
Can't Get You Out of My Head
2,000 Miles w/ Chrissie Hynde
On a Night Like This
100 Degrees w/ Danni Minogue
Your Disco Needs You
Santa Baby
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
The Loco-Motion
White Diamond Theme
I Believe in You
Only You
All the Lovers
Especially for You
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
                         w/ Danni Minogue
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