Ashlee Simpson DVD ROM  :   ( $8 )

This DVD ROM disc contains nearly 55 live performances
and music videos by Ashlee. These are all computer
files. There are Real Media, MPEG, MPEG-2 and Windows
Media files. So you will need to have the applications
to play these. They are all available for free on the
internet, so you shouldn't have any issues.

Commercials :  Ashlee Simpson 2nd season promo, Liquid
Ice and Pizza Hut

Music videos :  Pieces of Me, La La, Shadow, Boyfriend,
L.O.V.E.  and Ashlee in Ryan Cabrera's "On The Way Down

Performances :  Boyfriend ( MTV Live ) , Boyfriend (Ellen
Show ), Boyfriend ( Good Morning America ),
Boyfriend ( Top of the Pops Reloaded ), Boyfriend (
Live in Boston ), Boyfriend ( Saturday Nite Live ),
Boyfriend ( Sessions @ AOL ), Boyfriend ( Jay Leno
Show ), Boyfriend ( Top of the Pops ),  Boyfriend (
CD:UK ), Coming Back for More ( MTV Live ), Coming
Back for More ( Good Morning America ), I Am Me ( Live
on AOL ), L.O.V.E. ( 2005 Billboard Awards ), L.O.V.E.
( TRL Awards ), L.O.V.E. ( live on AOL ), L.O.V.E. (
CDUSA ), L.O.V.E. ( Live on Letterman ), L.O.V.E. (
The View ) , La La ( 2004 Jingle Ball Rock ),  La La (
Much Music Awards ), La La ( CDUK ), La La ( Pop World
), La La ( Top of the Pops ), La La ( live on Jay Leno
), La La ( TRL ), La La ( live on Des Mel ), La La (
2005 New Year's Rockin Eve ),  Love Me For Me ( Live
at MTV Showcase in Singapore ), Love Me For Me (
Universal City ), Nothing New ( MTV Live ), Catch Me
When I Fall ( Saturday Nite Live ), Pieces of Me (
2004 Summer Music Mania ), Pieces Of Me ( Live at Viva
Interaktiv ), Pieces Of Me ( Popworld ), Pieces of Me
( MTV Video Music Awards ), Pieces of Me ( Top of the
Pops ), Pieces of Me ( 2005 New Year's Rockin Eve ),
Pieces of Me ( 2004 Jingle Ball Rock ), Pieces of Me (
Saturday Nite Live ), Pieces of Me ( Letterman ),
Pieces of Me ( Jay Leno Show ), Pieces of Me ( On Air
with Ryan Seacrest ) , Pieces of Me ( TRL ), Pieces of
Me ( Sessions @ AOL ), Pieces of Me ( Good Morning
America ), Autobiography ( Radio Music Awards ) ,
Autobiography ( 2005 New Year's Rockin Eve ),  Shadow
( Regis and Kelly ), Shadow ( AOL Live ), Shadow ( Jay
Leno )  and Little Drummer Boy with Jessica

Various :

Surprise appearance on Jay Leno signing motorcycle (
1/31/2005 ), Ashlee and Jessica presenting award at
2005 VMA's, CDUSA interview, Viva Live interview, Jane
Magazine photo shoot, cameo Ashlee appearance on
Malcolm in the Middle, La La fan made music video ,
Ashlee on PUNK'D, Ashlee on Teen Nick ( 1/29/06 ), TRL
on the set of Ashlee's "Wannabe" movie , TRL Interview
( 7/20/0 ) TRL Interview ( 9/13/05 ), Ashlee on Kelly
Slaters' Celebrity Surf Invitational, ET On MTV (
10/28/05 ), E! News ( 2/3/06 ),  Making The Video for
"Boyfriend", MTV Special : Ashlee Simpson Live & Legal
and  E! True Hollywood Story - Jessica, Ashlee and the
Simpson Family

Ashlee Simpson "L.O.V.E. Tour" live at The
Greek Theater   :    ( $8 )

This DVD contains a fan recording of Ashlee's
L.O.V.E. Tour live at The Greek Theater. It took
place on June 7, 2006 in LA. The person filming
got excellent close ups and zoom ins. The
audio and video quality are great. Ashlee puts
on a great show and has a few
costume changes. It's really awesome to watch.
The DVD also has a cool interactive menu.

I Am Me, Boyfriend, Burning Up,
Nothing New, Autobiography, Shadow, Sweet
Dreams, Eyes Wide Open, In Another Life,
Catch Me When I Fall,
Invisible, Beautifully Broken, Undiscovered,
Love Me For Me, Coming Back For More, Why
Don't You Do Right, La La,
L.O.V.E. & Pieces of Me

You can see a clip from the DVD here :

The DVD is much better quality than the clip.
Jessica Simpson DVDs

Jessica Simpson DVD ROM :  ( $8 )

This is a DVD ROM, and it contains 16 music videos and
nearly 100 live performances and tv appearances by
Jessica. They cover Jessica from her 1st album up to
2005. There are numerous performances of "I Wanna
Your Forever", "I Think I'm In Love With You",
"Irresistable", "With You" and tons more.   These are all
computer files. There are Real Media, MPEG, MPEG-2
and Windows Media files. So you will need to have the
proper applications to play the files. They are all
available for
free on the Internet,

Music Videos -  I Wanna Love Your Forever, I Think I'm
In Love With You, Where You Are, Irresistible,
Irresistible remix w/ Bow Wow, A Little Bit, My
Everything ( 98 Degrees video with Jessica cameo ),
The Sweetest Sin, With You, This I Swear ( Nick's
video w/ clips of their wedding ), Angels, Take My
Breath Away, O Holy Night, Let It Snow, Love Me Tender
& These Boots Are Made For Walking".

Nearly 100 TV Appearances and Live Performances.

Jessica Simpson DVD #1  :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains some cool Jessica appearances from
through the years. Most of these were taken from
computer files and recorded to DVD, so the quality is a
bit glitchy and not excellent. But it's still cool to watch :

Jessica and Nick hosting Saturday Nite Live

Nick and Jessica Family Christmas Special
( Incomplete )

Newlyweds episode - Jessica's Birthday

TMF TV Concert ( 2001 ) : Jessica performs "I Never", "I
Think I'm In Love With You/Baby Got Back", "I'm Gonna
Love You Forever", "A Little Bit" and "Irresistible"   (
good quality )

Last Call with Carson Daly interview

Viva Interaktiv 1999 - "I'm Gonna Love You Forever" live
and long interview ( dubbed in another language )

2004 New Year's Rockin Eve - Jessica sings "With You"
and "I Have Loved You"

Jessica on The Early show singing "These Boots Are
Made For Walking", "Son of a Preacher Man" and "With

Jessica Simpson DVD #2  :     ( $8 )

This DVD contains some more of Jessica's tv
appearances. The quality of the footage is good and
it's cool stuff to watch :

Nick and Jessica's Variety Hour

3 episodes of "That 70's Show" with Jessica guest
starring. ( Note : The 3rd episode is dubbed in
Spanish )

Making The Video - "These Boots Are Made For Walking
" and the music video

Making The Video - "The Sweetest Sin" ( edited down to
5 minutes long )

Jessica Simpson DVD #3  :    ( $8 )

This DVD contains some promo appearances that
Jessica made to promote "Dukes Of Hazzard".  They are
all excellent digital quality and great to watch :

David Letterman performing "These Boots Made for

Good Morning America giving an interview and
performing "These Boots are Made for Walking" and
"With You"

The Early Show performing "These Boots are Made For
Walking", "The Son of a Preacher Man" and "With You".
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