24 Hours of Love : ( $16 )

This 2 DVD disc set contains Courtney taking
over the MTV 2 network for 24 Hours. The
special is from 2002. All the commercials
have been edited out, so it's all Courtney. She
shows her favorite music videos, talks about
politics, music, sex, drugs & more. The dvds
are great quality and contain some bonus
HOLE live at Big Day Out ( 1999 )  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains Hole's 13 song set at the 1999 Big
Day Out event which took place in Sydney, Australia. It
was was televised & is Uncensored. Courtney flashes
the audience, swears and just acts wonderfully wild.
She performs topless during "Celebrity Skin". The
quality is very good. There are also some vintage
Courtney appearances on this dvd, from 1994 and
1995. The DVD contains :

1. Violet

2. Awful

3. Pretty on the Inside

4. Heaven Tonight

5. Malibu

6. Miss World

7. Bittersweet

8. Doll Parts

9. Boys on the Radio

10. She walks on Me

11. Northern Star

12. Paradise City

13. Celebrity Skin

Bonus :

Miss World live in concert ( on ABC TV )

Doll Parts/He Hit Me ( live on Saturday Night Live )

Courtney interviewed by Kurt Loder

Miss World ( live from MTV "UNPLUGGED" concert )

Violet ( live from the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards )

Clips of Courtney interrupting Madonna's interview at
the 1995 MTV VMA's

Courtney interview on David Letterman & "Awful" live
w/ Hole
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