Virgin Tour DVDs

The Virgin Tour live in Detroit   :   ( $8 )

This concert was professionally filmed and this
DVD was ripped
from the Laserdisc. The quality is great.  
Madonna performs :  Dress You Up, Holiday, Into
The Groove, Everybody, Gambler, Lucky Star,
Crazy For You, Over and Over, Like a Virgin and
Material Girl.  
This DVD also includes a few extras and a

Uncle Sam's Club / Virgin Tour in Dallas /
Nightline :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains a bootleg of Madonna's 24
minute concert at
Uncle Sam's Club in New York. Madonna
performs "Physical
Attraction", "Everybody", "Holiday" and "Burning
Up". The quality of
the show is not great. Its dark and hard to see
Madonna at times, but
there are some good shots and good audio.

Next, there's the Virgin Tour live in Dallas. This is
the only bootleg of
the Virgin Tour. The quality is not the best. It is a
bit glitchy and its
shot from a higher angle, but its still cool to see
with good audio.
Madonna also performs "Angel", "Borderline"
and "Burning Up",
which weren't shown on the official release of
the Virgin Tour live in

There is also a Nightline Report about the
opening night of
the Virgin Tour and fans talking about how great
Madonna is.
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