Reinvention Tour DVDs

Reinvention Tour live in Lisbon    :     ( $8 )

This DVD contains the much anticipated
"Reinvention Tour" live in Lisbon, Portugal. It was
filmed on the last night of the tour on September 14,
2004. The concert is professionally filmed &
AMAZING. The video & audio are Excellent & the
DVD contains a scene selection menu. It's
PHENOMENAL. Madonna puts on an amazing show &
we've anticipated this for years. It was well worth
the wait!

Set List

The Beast Within (Video Intro)
Nobody Knows Me
American Life
Express Yourself
Burning Up
Material Girl
Hollywood (Tarot Card Video/ Skateboarding Interlude)
Hanky Panky
Deeper & Deeper (Slow Jazz Version)
Die Another Day
Bedtime Story (Madonna Twins Video Interlude
Nothing Fails
Don't Tell Me
Like a Prayer
Mother & Father/ Intervention
Pipes & Drums (Marching Interlude)
Into The Groove
Papa Don't Preach
Crazy For You

Reinvention Tour - Best of Collection  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains recordings from various cities that
Madonna performed the "Reinvention Tour" in. There
is a mixture of video backdrops, excellent stage &
screen footage all edited together, to give you a view
of the entire show. The footage has been edited
together in an amazing way with excellent audio &
very good video quality. The show is complete & one
of the best "Reinvention Tour" DVDs there is.
There is a mixture of recordings from : Los Angeles,
New York, Worcester, Chicago, London, Arnhem,
Anaheim, Paris & Lisbon.

Reinvention Tour live in Paris - 9/1/04   :   ( $8 )

This recording of the show was filmed on September 1,
2004. It was
shot from the lower level right near the front of the stage
and is zoomed in on Madonna and the stage the whole
time. You also get to see a lot of the footage of the big
screen behind Madonna, while she is performing. It's one
of the best recordings of the show. It is complete from
start to finish.

Reinvention Tour live in Paris - 9/2/04   :  ( $8 )

This recording of the show was filmed on September 2,
2004. It was shot by a fan & they filmed the big screen
about 90% of the time, which gives it a professional feel.
The concert is only missing the "Material Girl"
performance. There is some minor pixelation in the
picture, but it is still excellent.  This DVD also contains
Bonus videos :

1. GHV2 Medley JR/MQ mix,
2. Vogue Remix,
3. Paradise Not For Me,
4. 1998 MTV Video Music Awards commercial,
5. 1988 Pepsi commercial sneak preview  
6. 1987 Mitsubishi commercial

Reinvention Tour live in Worcester :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains the Reinvention Tour live in Worcester,
Massachusetts. It was filmed on July 1, 2004. This concert
was shot by a fan and they did an amazing job. The show
is shot from the upper level, but they zoom in so well that
you can barely tell. You can see Madonna and the
dancers very well and the camera follows Madonna
everywhere she goes. This is almost as great as the very
famous "Reinvention Tour in Paris" recording. Due to the
stage lights, Madonna's face is a bit difficult to see, but it's
not bad at all.

This recording sadly cuts off at the begging of the last
song ( "Holiday" ), but other than that it is complete. The
video quality is EXCELLENT and the audio is as well.  

Reinvention Tour live in Chicago :  ( $8 )

This is the Reinvention Tour live in Chicago, IL. It was
filmed on July 12, 2004. The person filming the concert
shot the big screen about 95% of the time, so this almost
makes the show look professionally shot.
The video quality is excellent, as is the audio. Madonna's
parents were also in the crowd. This is one of the best
recordings. It is also complete from start to finish.

This DVD also contains the Director's
Cut of the "American Life" music video, which contains lots
violence, blood and gore.    

Reinvention Tour live in New York  :  ( $8 )

This is the Reinvention Tour live in Manhattan, New York.
It was
filmed on June 24, 2004. The person filming the concert
shot the big
screen the whole time, so this looks like it was
professionally shot.
The video and audio quality are pretty decent. It's not
excellent, but good.  It's also complete from start to finish.

Reinvention Tour live in Anaheim  :  ( $8 )

This concert was filmed by someone in the audience and
it's very
good. This is from the June 2, 2004 show. The audio
quality is Excellent and the camera gets some great close
ups and zoom ins.
It was shot from the upper level, and zooms down on
Madonna. It's not as full frontal view as the Paris show is,
but it's still very good.
There is also a DVD menu.  The show is complete from
start to finish.

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American Life Promo Tour in London  :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains Madonna's concert at the
HMV music store  in London, England. This show
was to promote the American Life album, and
was filmed by a audience member. The person
mainly films Madonna from the chest and up, and
it's a pretty good recording. There are some
heads in the way and shaky camera work at
times, but overall it is quite good. Madonna also
is very talkative and intimate with the crowd.

Madonna performs :  "American Life",
"Hollywood", "Nothing Fails", "Xstatic
Process", "Mother & Father" and "Like A

This DVD also contains a Madonna special called
"Liquid Assets" from 2003. It shows many video
and interview clips of Madonna from the past and
we see many of her former managers and friends
and such, talk about Madonna's ambition and
determination. The special also shows
Madonna's old homes and people discuss her
earnings and how she spends her money. It is
excellent quality.